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Know all about stainless steel Fabrication

There are several products such as seamless tubes, welded tubes and flanges. It can therefore be difficult to select the one that suits your needs and that also offers good value for money. Each Metal Work has its own properties, which gives it unique use in the respective industries. Therefore, it becomes usual to understand their characteristics and how they can be applied to various sectors.


Types of stainless steel pipes


Here are two types of stainless steel pipe


Seamless tubes: A seamless pipe from Structural Steel Fabrication is a pipe without joints or welds. A round solid steel billet is heated to high temperatures to make seamless steel pipes. These billets are pushed or pulled on a shape to shape it into a hollow tube which is then released by a combination of die and mandrel to reduce the outside diameter and widen the inside diameter as required.


Welded tubes: Due to its flexible nature, welded pipes of Structural Steel Fabrication Brisbane can be used in virtually any sector. However, their corrosion resistance is better than under pressure. These tubes are much more profitable due to the light nature of the welded tubes and the materials used inside. These characteristics make welded tubes the best value for money.






How manufacturer made stainless steel pipes


Generally, a hot or cold rolled steel strip is used to manufacture the stainless steel tubes. The hot-rolled strips are formed from slabs, obtained after continuous casting. To give them the desired thickness, the slabs are hot rolled at very high temperature. Hot rolling has thickness limits. To obtain a thinner steel strip, it is necessary to finish by cold rolling at room temperature. The stainless steel tube is created during fire welding: a split tube is formed with a metal strip. The edges of the Metal Fabrication is heated to welding temperature and compressed to connect them.


Another method for manufacturing stainless steel tubes is fusion welding. This technique is above all suitable for tubes with a large diameter, used for example for the construction of pipelines. For this manufacturing method, the welding wires and the edges of the plates are heated to welding temperatures, generally using an electric arc. The welding wire added continuously melts and fuses with the Structural Steel Fabrication Gold Coast to close the fittings and ensure a strong weld.


It is also possible to manufacture seamless stainless steel tubes. The continuous rolling process is economical and efficient. As a starting material, a round bar is used there. This is then heated and cut so that a hollow block with a thin wall appears. During continuous rolling, this block is reworked by inserting a mandrel bar. During continuous rolling, 1 to 4 times the size of the starting material is obtained.  In it, you can stretch the length of the material 10 times to obtain a steel of Structural Steel Gold Coast with the desired outside diameter and the required wall thickness.


Reasons to choose a stainless steel


Ecological (100% recyclable)

  • Resistance to pitting corrosion
  • Resistance to heat and fire
  • Modern and attractive